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Placemaking in the Rural Powerhouse

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Rural economies have a vast amount to gain from embracing modern and flexible concepts of workplace. As in urban spaces, workspace is one of the key elements of rural placemaking and mixed-use environments, providing a rhythm of consumer which no other use creates – a predominantly captive daytime user who is loyal, regular and predictable.

Ed Mansel Lewis, Head of Rural Ambition, shares his thoughts on the value of embedding workspace within a countryside ecosystem. He recently spoke with Fred and Becky Wilson of Burrough Court to hear their views on the rapidly shifting workspace market and their first hand experiences at Burrough Court.

Burrough Court is a thriving office complex located on a Leicestershire farm. In an often homogenous market focused on rent per square foot, Burrough Court is an outlier, differentiated by its focus on wellness and premium quality. The mixed-use scheme was started in 2000 by the Wilson family, who have transformed surplus farm buildings and courtyards into high quality workspace.

“We’re really trying to create new business in areas where it leverages the innate qualities of the farm that we’ve got here. Why? Because quite frankly, it’s difficult for other people to compete. That’s why we’ve planted 75 acres of trees, as we recognise that the natural capital side is increasingly going to tie in to the value set of our customers,” comments Fred Wilson, Director.

Hopefully, their core beliefs could in turn inspire others to embed workspace into beautiful natural settings and create sustainable, resilient communities.

‘Rural Ambition – Placemaking in the Rural Powerhouse’ is a chapter from BNP Paribas Real Estate’s newly released magazine, ‘Making Places: Beyond the Workplace.’ The publication explores the changing relationship with the physical workplace, which will be key to understanding its role within dynamic mixed-use environments.

Within the magazine, a raft of experts offer an insights led approach which is essential to create meaning around the concept of ‘place’’.

To read more, visit:

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