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by Matthew Sudlow 11.03.2020

Year in, year out it never ceases to amaze all of us at Strutt & Parker how robust the farmland and country estates market has continued to be. There have been so many changes and surprises in the political and economic world markets in recent years, but land and property seem to continue to attract not only significant interest, but competitive interest from both UK based and international buyers.  

The Strutt & Parker team are incredibly privileged to be able to be involved in the sale of so many outstanding farms, estates, forests and country houses.

Inside our most recent Country Collection, we show a range of properties, estates, farms and forests that have been sold in recent times as well as those currently readily available. In addition to this, we have many opportunities available on an exclusively private and confidential basis and we would be delighted to discuss any of these with you.

All of us at Strutt & Parker look forward to helping in any way we can.

Matthew Sudlow
Director and Head of Estates & Farm Agency
West & South West
+44 1865 988 993
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