Top tips on unlocking opportunity on farms and estates
Top tips on unlocking opportunity on farms and estates

Top tips on unlocking opportunity on farms and estates

At this time of rapid change for the rural sector, it can feel very difficult to know where best to invest your time, energy and money within your business.

Farmers and landowners are facing a barrage of new challenges from a variety of directions, including a changing policy framework, new environmental and property legislation, changing consumer trends and the effects of climate change.

This all comes on top of all the day-to-day issues such as agronomy, livestock husbandry, grain marketing, managing and recruiting staff, dealing with customers, handling queries from tenants and staying on top of administrative responsibilities.

It is feeling increasingly complicated to navigate this changing landscape. So Strutt & Parker experts have identified some of the steps rural businesses might consider to ensure they have a business which is financially and environmentally sustainable as the world changes.

The team has looked at how to prepare for a new operating environment from the perspective of farming, forestry, the environment, residential property and the wider commercial real estate market.

Watch the videos below for an insight into:

  • The importance of people, infrastructure and business structures for farming businesses
  • The building blocks of a ‘good’ farmed environment
  • How to realise potential from your residential property portfolio
  • The potential for woodland creation on a farm or estate
  • Returns on investment for commercial real estate








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