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HS2 Woodland Fund

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The first phase of the HS2 Woodland Fund has been launched by the Forestry Commission.

Its aim is to create a corridor of connected wildlife habitats within 25 miles of the route of the railway (see map overleaf; exceptional sites marginally outside the zone may also be considered). The fund will support:

  • New native woodland planting – paying up to £8,500 per hectare, plus maintenance payments of £200 per hectare for ten years
  • Restoration of ancient woodland sites that have been replanted (PAWS) – paying up to £4,000 per hectare.

The fund will open for applications in January 2018 and is expected to close in April 2020, but this is subject to budget availability.

There are no application windows so it is advised to consider applying early. It is also possible to claim Basic Payment Scheme payments on the replanted land, subject to meeting eligibility criteria.

Click to download our briefing, which includes details on payments and eligible areas.

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South West & West
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