Green Home Grant Scheme – Q&A?
Green Home Grant Scheme – Q&A?

Green Home Grant Scheme – Q&A?

New scheme offering up to £5,000 per property opened 30th September and now extended to 31st March 2022.

The aim of the scheme is to enable homeowners and landlords to upgrade their homes and properties with energy-saving features, such as insulation or double glazing, in order to reduce energy usage and improve the energy efficiency of a property.

Vouchers cover up to two thirds of the cost of specified home improvements up to a maximum of £5,000 for both primary and secondary measures. A voucher for 100% of the cost up to £10,000 is available for people on low incomes.

The £2bn funding is expected to fund improvements in up to 600,000 homes, a large number, but we expect significant demand. There are already reports of applicants struggling to find approved local installers but the one year extension announced on 18th November should allow more installers become registered.

Our Green Home Grant Scheme Q&A will answer the below questions:

  • What home improvements will it fund?
  • What will not be funded?
  • If my property is let, can I still apply?
  • Funding limits for primary and secondary measures
  • Who is eligible and how does the scheme work?
  • What is available in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

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