A quick guide to woodland funding in England
A quick guide to woodland funding in England

A quick guide to woodland funding in England

There is a complex web of grants and other incentives on offer for woodland design, creation and management in England.

To make it easier for farmers and landowners to identify what funds are available and for what sort of project, we have produced a poster with the key details of the main schemes.

For example, this highlights that payments of up to £10,200/ha are available through the England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO) to cover the capital costs of tree planting.

On top of that, landowners can apply for additional support to reflect the delivery of wider environmental and social benefits, including public access, along with an annual maintenance payment of £350/ha for up to 10 years.

Meanwhile, land managers looking for grant support to remove diseased trees or restock after a tree health issue, can apply to the Woodland Tree Health scheme, which is part of Countryside Stewardship.

If you would like further details of any of the schemes on the poster then please contact our Head of Forestry and Natural Capital Alex Brearley or Rural Research Director Jason Beedell.

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