2024 Farming Equipment and Technology Fund – what’s new?
2024 Farming Equipment and Technology Fund – what’s new?

2024 Farming Equipment and Technology Fund – what’s new?

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) has had its budget increased for 2024, allowing Defra to raise the maximum grants available and introduce new eligible items.

The FEFT is available to farmers, contractors, horticulturalists and foresters and provides grants for equipment and technology that support improvements across three areas:

  • productivity 
  • slurry management 
  • animal health and welfare. 

The maximum amount available for productivity and slurry items is now £50,000 (up from £25,000 in the previous round of the scheme) while the maximum amount for animal welfare options remains £25,000. The minimum grant funding available across all three themes is £1,000.

The grants are based on a percentage of the cost of the item – Defra claims it should cover approximately 50-60% of the average cost.

You can apply for grants from each of the three themes, so, in theory, farmers can apply for up to £125,000 worth of grant funding. However, the scheme is also competitive so you may not receive any, or all, of the funding you apply for. 

Guidance notes are available for the scheme, and the application window is expected to open shortly.


There are now 85 productivity items that are eligible for the scheme, including funding of just over £30,470 towards a 6-metre inter-row hoe and £40,800 towards a 3-metre direct drill with fertiliser placement.

There are 24 new items which are eligible for 2024 including:

  • tractor-powered electric desiccator for weed and plant control
  • combine-mounted weed seed reduction system
  • drone for spraying whitewash on to glasshouses
  • closed transfer system for sprayers for containers 
  • solar-powered water pump
  • mobile tractor-powered livestock total feed ration mixer
  • forestry harvesting head with bark stripping

Read the full list of items eligible under the productivity theme.


There are now 17 slurry items available for funding including £11,360 towards the cost of a robotic slurry pusher and £22,050 for a 100m3 nurse tank.

Read the full list of eligible slurry items.

Animal health and welfare 

There are now 130 animal health and welfare options including some new poultry items.

Eligible equipment includes handling systems, EID devices and weighing units.

Read the full list of animal health and welfare items.

Top tips on making an FETF application

  • You cannot apply for a grant through the FETF for items that you have already bought, are second hand, ex-demonstration, home-built or bought on hire purchase or lease.
  • Care must be taken to ensure all items meet the minimum specification set out in the guidance notes. You can buy a 12m drill if the minimum specification is listed as 6m but must ensure all other criteria for the item are met.   
  • Successful applicants will be offered a Grant Funding Agreement (GFA), listing the equipment they have been offered a grant for.  To claim the grant, they must submit a separate claim form which can only be done once you’ve paid for and received all the items in your GFA.
  • For grants of over £25,000, the RPA will need to see evidence to demonstrate the current viability of your business and how you intend to fund the items before the grant is paid. This evidence can include financial accounts for the most recent three years of trading, latest tax returns, management accounts or a statement of income and expenses from an accountant.    
  • Applications are made through the online Farming Investment Fund service which is expected to open for applications shortly. Two further application windows, across all three themes, are expected to open later in 2024. The total budget for each grant will be split evenly across the application window.

If you would like any more information or help with making an FETF application, please do get in contact.

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